Spring Into Action: Spring Tree Service in Middletown, NJ

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Spring Is Almost Here: Time For Tree Service

Hufnagel Tree Service On The Job

As a certified arborist with Hufnagel Tree Service in Middletown, NJ, I’ve seen firsthand how crucial spring tree care is for the health and vitality of our urban canopy. Spring, with its warmer weather and increased rainfall, is a pivotal time for trees to recover from the harsh winter conditions and prepare for the active growth season ahead. It’s during this time that trees benefit most from professional care, including pruning, disease management, and soil assessment, to ensure they thrive throughout the year.

At Hufnagel Tree Service, we specialize in spring tree service, tailored to meet the unique needs of each tree and landscape in Middletown. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of services designed to address the aftermath of winter and set your trees up for a successful growth season. From assessing winter damage to implementing proactive health measures, our team is dedicated to enhancing the beauty and safety of your outdoor space. Let us help you prepare your trees for a vibrant spring and beyond.

The Forecast: More Snow Before Spring


As a Middletown local, it’s essential to be aware of the changing weather patterns as we transition from winter into spring. AccuWeather predicts a stormy start to the spring season for New Jersey, with possibilities of heavy snow in early March. This shift is expected to begin in mid-February and could affect us through early March. Such weather conditions can have a significant impact on our trees, potentially causing damage or stress. It’s crucial to have your trees inspected by professionals this spring to ensure they are healthy and prepared to withstand the season’s challenges.

The Importance of Spring Tree Service

Before Service After Service

Spring marks a pivotal time for tree care, pivotal in transitioning from the dormancy of winter to the vigorous growth of summer. In the aftermath of winter, trees often exhibit signs of stress such as damaged or weak limbs, making them susceptible to further injury or disease. Spring tree service is essential not only for addressing these immediate concerns but also for setting the stage for healthy growth. By conducting thorough inspections and necessary maintenance, we can identify and mitigate issues early, ensuring trees remain robust and flourish throughout the year.

Moreover, spring is an opportune moment for preventive care. Services like pruning not only remove potentially hazardous deadwood but also stimulate new growth in a structured manner. This is also the time to implement soil care strategies that replenish essential nutrients depleted during winter, enhancing the tree’s resilience against pests and diseases. As an arborist, I advocate for a proactive approach to tree care in spring, as it is instrumental in maintaining the vitality and aesthetic appeal of our green companions.

In essence, spring tree service lays the groundwork for a season of lush, vibrant canopies. It’s about more than just maintenance; it’s a strategic investment in the health and beauty of our environment. By entrusting your trees to a professional service this spring, you’re not just caring for them; you’re enriching your landscape and, by extension, the community.

Preparing Your Trees for Spring: Tips and Best Practices

Spring tree service

As we welcome the spring season, it’s crucial to give our trees the attention they need to thrive after the long winter months. As a certified arborist, I recommend starting with a thorough inspection of your trees to identify any signs of damage or disease that winter may have brought. It’s the perfect time to address issues such as broken branches, pest infestations, or fungal diseases, ensuring your trees are in optimal health.

Pruning is essential in early spring to remove dead or weakened limbs, encouraging healthy growth and reducing the risk of damage from spring storms. However, it’s important to prune correctly to avoid harming the tree. If you’re unsure, it’s wise to consult a professional.

Mulching and proper hydration play a significant role in maintaining tree health. A layer of organic mulch around the base of your trees can help retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and reduce weed competition. As the weather warms, ensure your trees are adequately watered, especially if rainfall is scarce.

Lastly, consider scheduling a professional assessment with a spring tree service provider like Hufnagel. A trained eye can spot issues you might miss and provide specialized care to ensure your trees not only survive but flourish in the coming months.

Services Offered by Hufnagel Tree Service

Certified Arborist

As a certified arborist at Hufnagel Tree Service, we’re committed to the health and safety of Middletown’s trees, especially during the spring. Our services include precise tree trimming and pruning to maintain tree health and structure, safe tree removal for hazardous or unwanted trees, comprehensive tree health management to ensure your trees are vibrant, emergency tree storm repair for post-storm recovery, and thorough tree risk evaluations to identify potential safety concerns. Each service is tailored to meet the unique needs of your trees, ensuring they thrive through spring and beyond.

Why Choose Hufnagel for Your Spring Tree Care?

Let Hufnagel Tree Service Protect Your Trees
Michael Hufnagel

Michael Hufnagel

Owner, Operator, and Middletown’s Local Tree Expert

ISA Member & Certified Arborist, Member of the New Jersey Society of Tree Experts, and Member of the non-profit organization the New Jersey Shade Tree Federation.

As a certified arborist at Hufnagel Tree Service, I’ve seen firsthand the transformation that proper tree care can bring to landscapes in Middletown, NJ, especially during spring. Our team’s deep local knowledge ensures we’re familiar with the unique challenges and needs of the area’s flora. This expertise enables us to provide targeted, effective services that nurture your trees back to their full splendor after the harsh winter months.

Our approach is highly personalized. We understand that each tree and landscape has its own story and requirements. That’s why we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your trees, ensuring they receive the care they need to thrive. This spring, let us assess your trees’ health, structure, and beauty, providing them with the essential care they need to grow robustly throughout the year.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We’re not just about providing services; we’re about building relationships with our clients and their landscapes. We listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide clear, understandable advice. It’s this dedication to our clients that sets us apart and has made us a trusted name in tree care in Middletown.

Moreover, our team is equipped with the latest certifications and qualifications, ensuring we’re always up-to-date with the best practices in arboriculture. Combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to tackle any tree care challenge efficiently and safely. Choosing Hufnagel Tree Service this spring means entrusting your trees to skilled hands that care deeply about their health and your satisfaction.

Testimonials and Success Stories

In this section we proudly share the experiences of our valued clients. Each review is a testament to the dedication and expertise we bring to every project, highlighting the transformative impact of professional tree care.

Amy TolandAmy Toland ★★★★★ Hufnagel did a great job cleaning up some large trees on my property. Very professional, fairly priced and reliable. They cleaned up before they left, leaving the yard looking better than when they arrived.Cynthia MoreaCynthia Morea ★★★★★ We had treework done today by Hufnagel Tree Service that was awesome! Mike was the one that gave the quote and came to do the work...first time ever the estimator came and helped do the work. We lifted one of our holly trees, removed a tree, had two trees and bushes trimmed. Everything looks beautiful!Ellen VaccaroEllen Vaccaro ★★★★★ Mike and his crew did an outstanding job removing trees from my yard. The initial consultation alleviated a lot of the concerns I had about the process. The entire team was professional in every phase of their operation. They showed up on time, worked diligently to remove the two large trees, and were able to navigate working between two yards without incident. I would highly recommend Mike and his entire team if you ever need this type of service. If I could give more than five stars as a rating I would.Mark BouthilletteMark Bouthillette ★★★★★ Mike and his Team where Great!! Had some trees fall during a storm that fell on my pool. Mike was quick to call back, showed up the same day and quickly help us deal with our insurance company. Once we got a verbal notification the job was covered Mike and his aTeam jumped in and cleaned up a very big mess in 2 days, we where so impressed with the work and professionalism!! I will only use Mike for any tree work in the future.Clarence NeumannClarence Neumann ★★★★★ This is at least the third time I have used Hufnagel Tree Services , and each time I have enjoyed excellent , knowledgeable and honest expertise at a reasonable cost . To see Mike's crew in action is like watching a well-oiled machine do it's various jobs , from bucket to pruning forks, from truck movement to chipping and total clean-up , with "ringmaster/maestro" Mike on top of every step in the operation . I love seeing the respect his men show him as well . One time I called him to trim an ash tree of dead branches , but he said that he would not touch it since his trained eye saw that it needed life-saving intervention first , not wanting me to waste my money ! That was impressive ! My best interests were in his best interest ! He even told me of a tree treatment specialist who I then employed , at a most reasonable fee , and over the course of the next two years the green ash bugs were gone and the tree is thriving ! Mike Hufnagel Tree Service has my highest recommendation for top quality work by well-trained and careful workers , all at a reasonable fee. Clarence Neumann , Red BankJames ZeppaJames Zeppa ★★★★★ Mike and his crew did an excellent job removing dead trees on my property and cleaned up nice!Scott CookeScott Cooke ★★★★★ They did a good job and I was not even thereJ EJ E ★★★★★ Highly recommended. A quality job at a competitive cost. I needed a large neighbor’s tree trimmed of many overhanging branches, without spoiling the proportions of the tree or risking killing it.They also removed a river birch and ground its surface roots. The team ensured our safety and did a thorough clean-up. Mike was on site to supervise throughout.Fast turnaround from quote to completion.I will be a repeat customer.Harrison ScennaHarrison Scenna ★★★★★ Mike and his team were excellent! I had a large fallen tree branch in my yard. His team was quick with the removal and did a great job cleaning up. I highly recommend them.Donna HuyDonna Huy ★★★★★ Mike is definitely a professional! Prompt response to our request for services. Fair pricing and impeccable service without a trace that his “guys” were here! Highly recommend Mike for your tree services! R HCraig Del TinCraig Del Tin ★★★★★ We had a great experience with Hufnagel Tree Service. Mike was very responsive to my initial call and was out to give me an estimate within two days. He was very knowledgeable and professional and provided with me a very reasonable quote. Mike was very quick to get us on his schedule, and we were very impressed with how quickly and efficiently the work was done. Great guy and great team. I wouldn’t use any other service and highly recommend Hufnagel Tree Service!Ryan FordRyan Ford ★★★★★ Excellent service from start to finish. Quickly responded to inquiry about service. Very reasonable pricing for job and even threw in some additional free work while on property. Right trees were professionally and quickly removed and team considerately worked around my youngest child's nap schedule to prevent excess noise. Highly recommendDianelisa DurdenDianelisa Durden ★★★★★ I have used Hufnagel tree over 15-20 years and always have been extremely happy with their work. They have taken down large trees, and pruned existing ones. They take pride in their work and are most personable and professional. Mike is spot on and very responsive to calls, requests, etc. He and his workers are prompt and reliable. He removes all debris when the job is completed. He is on the job assisting his workers, is very safety conscious and I never worry about problems. His prices are fair as well. He knows his trees and answers all questions. I wouldn’t consider using anyone else.Kelly GKelly G ★★★★★ I cannot recommend Mike and his team enough! My husband & I recently got a new deck and whatever was coming off of our neighbors tree made it black within a week. We had Mike come out for an estimate and we were able to get on the schedule for two days later. They were on time and did an amazing job! We will definitely be using Hufnagel Tree Service in the future if we need to trim the branches again.Phyllis A LutzPhyllis A Lutz ★★★★★ When we got to the house, Mike and his Team were already hard at work. We made arrangements the day before, and 24 hours later the job was completed. Fastest turn-around time ever !!! Best bang for our buck and simply a great experience. Highly recommend Hufnagel Tree Service !!!Rich DevlinRich Devlin ★★★★★ Michael and his team made a difficult job look easy and they left not a trace behind. Uncommon skill and professionalism. Just about anyone can cut down a tree. It’s what comes before and after that really matters. Michael carefully plans and executes the project with care. As a certified arborist, he’s the one to call when it comes to trees.Ken DaltonKen Dalton ★★★★★ We have used this company a few times for tree removal. Speedy response, and very professional. Arrived on time and cleaned up after completing the job. Price was reasonable. Highly recommended.Robert BornyRobert Borny ★★★★★ It was great working with Mike. He is super responsive and thorough and got the work done within two days of my quote. It was a pleasure dealing with him and his crew.Richard PIRORichard PIRO ★★★★★ Working with Mike Hufnagel and Hufnagel Tree Service was a great experience. Mike and his team are very professional and incredibly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend using this tree service for all of your needs.Jeanne KollerJeanne Koller ★★★★★ Heard back same day we called, came quickly to give an estimate, and came earlier than expected to complete the job. Work was fantastic and cost was reasonable. Highly recommend!!frank zaborneyfrank zaborney ★★★★★ Hufnagel Tree Service is top notch !! I had a 40 ft pine that was leaning towards power lines and starting to uproot because of saturated ground. Called Mike at 1am he returned my call by 6 and estimated the job by seven. By 10am it was no longer a concern or a worry about damaging my house or power lines !! Awesome courteous service, and price was great for what I consider emergency service !! Clean up was also exquisite right down to cleaning up the sidewalk 👍C HC H ★★★★★ Called once, Mike answered, came that day, gave a great price and 2 days later took care of the tree. Mike and crew are very professional, polite and CLEAN! Not a dusting left in the yard, A+ service and local!Sarah CannonSarah Cannon ★★★★★ Had a great first experience with Mike and his crew! Very responsive and quick turn around time. They are extremely knowledgeable and honest/up front about the process. They did a great job trimming our large trees and removal of one dead tree. Will be using their services from now on!Jeff KroegerJeff Kroeger ★★★★★ I had a large tree fall and land on my fence. I was recommended Michael and he answered right away and gad the tree removed within 3 hours. Super responsive and great experience!Maureen SMaureen S ★★★★★ I called for a quote and got a response right away. Price was reasonable and the work was completed sooner than expected. Professional customer service! The cutting team made sure my yard was as clean as it could be when they finished. Overall very happy.Holly WilliamsonHolly Williamson ★★★★★ This is our third time using Mike Hufnagel tree service. Mike always calls back. He comes when he says he will. And his guys are fast, professional, and do a great job every time! Mike always makes sure we are satisfied with the service when he's done. Mike Hufnagel tree service is the only one I call!Michael SubikMichael Subik ★★★★★ I cannot say enough about the responsiveness, the work product, or the value. This team of professionals arrives as expected, maintained a neat yard, and hailed away everything. I will use them again and hit recommend Hufnagel tree.Nicholas BondNicholas Bond ★★★★★ Mike was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Unlike some other companies we called, Mike actually called us back and was able to quote us quickly. Our job needed 1/2 day of work, which he was able to start on the next day. Him and his crew arrived early and tackled things incredibly quickly & efficiently. He will be our go-to for any tree service needs in the future. Thanks Mike!E A ShakalisE A Shakalis ★★★★★ Responsive, professional and friendly. Mike listened to my concerns, provided recommendations and worked the jobsite. Excellent workmanship by hardworking crew. Highly Recommended.Denise MummDenise Mumm ★★★★★ We have a HUGE sycamore in our backyard that had several large precarious branches that Hufnagel cut off for us.I’m a loyal customer and continue to be amazed at the work they do. I would recommend them (and have) to anyone.Mike SammsMike Samms ★★★★★ Fast, efficient, and cheaper than the competition. Couldn't have requested better service. Michael and his team took down 2 trees for me, was able to squeeze me in a couple days after the price estimate, and the team did a fantastic job.Kim HauffKim Hauff ★★★★★ Estimate and job completed in less than a week. Communication was excellent and very happy with job done. Definitely will hire again.Henry ThorpeHenry Thorpe ★★★★★ Excellent service with pleasant employees. Concise analysis on our particular situation. Punctual arrival for initial consultation and crew on day of service. In, out, and cleanup within 2 hours. Yard was left neater then when they arrived.Ralph KinnickRalph Kinnick ★★★★★ Nobody else I would use, and this was not my first time and definitely not my last.Cheryl AnneCheryl Anne ★★★★★ We highly recommend Hufnagel Tree Service! We contacted Mike after our neighbor’s Oak tree dropped a branch on our roof. The tree is sentimental for our neighbor because her husband planted it 56 years ago from an acorn but, it had grown to the point where it made our yard unsafe. We needed someone to remove some of the branches to protect our property while still preserving the health of the tree that our neighbor loves so much. Mike is a certified arborist so we knew we could trust him with this task. He and his whole crew not only did a fantastic job trimming the tree but they also rescued a nest of baby squirrel’s and safely returned them to their habitat. When the job was complete they left our property pristine.Jackie NeumannJackie Neumann ★★★★★ We've been using Hufnagel Tree Service for the past 5+years. We prefer Hufnagel in particular because they climb the tallest trees vs using heavy machinery which has messed up our lawn with other guys in the past. Michael Hufnagel is extremely responsive, manages his schedule well, and always follows up. He's at the job site and he and his guys are caring, thoughtful, respectful, and appreciative. Detailed and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Michael and his team, and I will continue to use them for my next tree needs!Elizabeth FrenchElizabeth French ★★★★★ I had 3 trees removed by Hufnagel Tree Service. From start to finish communication was clear and expectations delivered. The team did a great job getting rid of the 3 trees as well as leaving my property in order. Highly recommend.Justin SensenbachJustin Sensenbach ★★★★★ Great service, high quality and professional.James MerillatJames Merillat ★★★★★ Michael Hufnagel and his crew were great! They carefully removed dead branches from two aging trees - and they did it quickly, cleanly and safely- all the while with smiles on their faces. They enjoy what the do and it shows. Michael was personable and professional in assessing the situation and pricing it fairly. I almost wish they hadn’t done it, so that I could hire them again! I can’t recommend them highly enough! Thanks Michael! And thanks to your exceptional crew!Jack RyanJack Ryan ★★★★★ In this world with myriad challenges connected to contracted services, Hufnagel Tree Service checks all the boxes of reliability, expertise, and efficiency. The crew did a great job under the constant guidance of owner, Mike Hufnagel. He oversaw and pitched in on every aspect, supported and guided our decisions, responded to every communication within minutes, arrived on time, and ready to work. We recommend him and his company without hesitation.Tree PTree P ★★★★★ A1 communication and service start to finish.!! Quick response, great job and left my property looking immaculate. Thanks Mike and crew!Helen ChristopherHelen Christopher ★★★★★ Totally professional operation, I give them my highest recommendationBarbara KobeltBarbara Kobelt ★★★★★ Great experience. Mike was prompt in replying and outlining what work would be done. His team did a great job. Polite and professional. Highly recommend.Deborah VernolaDeborah Vernola ★★★★★ Answers immediately. Comes on time . Clean, fast, efficient work and a pleasure to deal withAndrew OlivaAndrew Oliva ★★★★★ Quick, professional, and friendly! Would recommend to anyone who needs tree service and will definitely call them for any tree service we need in the future.Vanessa MesicsVanessa Mesics ★★★★★ We contacted Mike to help take down a large arm of a huge tree in our yard and remove branches on another as well as general safety clean up. He responded right away, came to see the situation, and got us scheduled quickly. We are very pleased with the team’s work. We will definitely contact Mike when we decide to remove the rest of the tree and highly recommend his company.Slaton WhiteSlaton White ★★★★★ Very professional crew. Trimmed and shaped an overgrown maple tree in front yard. Thorough clean up. Highly recommend them.js_loader

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