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Tree trimming services are the backbone of a successful tree healthcare program. This important maintenance helps to sustain your tree’s health, stimulate growth, and so it retains its natural appearance. Trimming a tree properly is very important. If you trim your trees yourself, you could end up damaging the tree. Let the experts at Hufnagel Tree Service help your trees flourish through the seasons by providing regular tree trimming maintenance. Our affordable tree trimming service makes it easy to care for your trees and bring out the beauty around your home and property.

Proper tree trimming involves a thorough understanding of tree biology so you may skillfully eliminate or minimize any defects without hindering the tree’s growth or development. Our long history of hands-on experience allows us to masterfully trim your trees to perfection by removing proper deadwood. There are valuable benefits of professional tree trimming and pruning by ISA certified arborists.

Our arborists understand how to perform a professional tree trim that provides valuable benefits to the trees including:

  • A healthier tree with extended lifespan
  • Fewer unhealthy and dangerous limbs
  • More sunlight producing a lush undergrowth
  • Increased resistance to tree pests and diseases
  • Increased strength to defend against storms and high winds

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Kind Words From Our Customers

  • “Hufnagel Tree Service did an amazing job removing a large dead tree next to my home. They did the job and left my yard nice and clean.”
    Jason Briggs
    Middletown, NJ
  • “I have used Mike and his team several times in the last few years. They are great. I highly recommend”
    Rob Vasquez
    Belmar, NJ
  • “We’ve been using Hufangel Tree to clean up the trees surrounding our property. The view is amazing. Thank you, Mike!”
    Jessica Holland
    Long Branch, NJ

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