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Tree Storm Proofing & Repair

Protect your trees from wind and rain damage with one call to Hufnagel Tree Service. When planting new trees, choose species that are more wind resistant, and plant them away from utility lines and structures. Always select trees to plant that have straight roots, one dominant trunk, and branches that are equally spaced apart from each other. If your trees don't have these features, they should be trimmed so they do. A tree more likely to survive storms is compact, with a low center of gravity. The tree would have a sturdy trunk, and deep symmetrical root system. The native live oak is a great example of a "survivor" tree, given the right environment and care during its life.

When nature brings a lot of wind, rain, or snow, any vulnerable areas of your tree may fail causing falling debris. We can prepare your trees for pending bad weather by removing these vulnerable areas, making the tree stronger during times of stress. We can make sure the overall health of your trees is good and ready to withstand punishment from wind and water during winter and fall. We can perform free ground visual inspections of your trees and provide an accurate quote to make sure you are ready for the weather this season.

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  • “Hufnagel Tree Service did an amazing job removing a large dead tree next to my home. They did the job and left my yard nice and clean.”
    Jason Briggs
    Middletown, NJ
  • “I have used Mike and his team several times in the last few years. They are great. I highly recommend”
    Rob Vasquez
    Belmar, NJ
  • “We’ve been using Hufangel Tree to clean up the trees surrounding our property. The view is amazing. Thank you, Mike!”
    Jessica Holland
    Long Branch, NJ

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